So I have been thinking now

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Runecrafting 99. Making Air runes is a fast and easy method to RuneScape gold make money. For everyload of 28 you will get 308 runes with 99 RC. So for 1 load its 308*5= 1540. Do 100 loads and you'll get 154000 gp. Speedy money and if you are a mage you can get the runes for FREE or CHEAP if you purchase the essence. FREE if you mine the character at tele out of aubry that's the simplest way to secure you RC up.

So I have been thinking now that I have keyed several times (because 70 dg) and develop a list what both keyer and raiders must do and don't do. Its rather my guideline for myself personally but please improve when u can...

Keyer Do's -use the mark choice to direct gds, ability doors, ability rooms etc.. . Utilize gatestone to gate specific things that as keyer cannot open , (prioritize gds or any rooms needed whole team first, skill rooms/doors/ keys). Always stay away from group as much as you can unless no other doors are opened. Memorize keying places, (try writing it down it helps, consider opening map and aesthetically place where key doors/gds/rooms etc are in the map). Got 2 gds? Prioritize themsee which one could lead to more doors by evaluating your own map. Free gate? Use it to back monitor doors that u think will chain into a de.

Whenever u need food, ask your staff to DROP at ggs or say"ggs cure" according to your own teams rate. Team in gd but desire door open? Gate the needed door and gtgd, ask 1 teamate with a free gate to gate the gd, choose ggs to ability doorway and inquire keyer to take it back. Want a doorway opened but gate is in a gd or w/e? 2 options either go your gt near both of these door or just memorize spot and Buy RS gold move when staff is nearer. Well inquire team to build one or your other alternative is death.

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